Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Popolo: a haven for gastronomists

I am a gastronome. Not the posh kind, I just love good food. On Saturday night I was treated to dinner by my lovely girlfriend, she chose Popolo restaurant, Sheffield. By happy coincidence, it was an Italian (my favourite).

I feel compelled to share my experience so that others can enjoy Popolos food, environment, and staff. I love places that make good food for the "normal" food-lovers, not food for snobs; Popolo is like that. My order exemplifies that: mozzarella and Parma ham Bruschetta to start, and a pasta/pizza combo (for indecisive folk). The combo main course is exactly what I love about this type of place, you get the best of both worlds (pasta and pizza). It's not just humdrum of each though, you get a half pizza (12") and a half-size portion of a pasta dish on the menu. To adopt a wise saying by a great man: it's food for the eater, not food for the chef.

The staff were excellent also, managing to balance on that fine line between harassment and obliviousness. The cherry on top was that downstairs in the same establishment was a cocktail bar, so no beverage was too much hassle (a great selection of Italian and German beers were also available).

(Written while listening to no music, but the fridge was humming its usual tune in the background)

P.S. I went for Helvetica instead of my usual Verdana today, I am interested to hear your comments. An post in typography may follow...

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