Tuesday, 17 April 2012

In Our Time: Conductivity and Superconductivity

In Our Time is a podcast series with Melvyn Bragg on BBC Radio 4. It is a series which is aimed at the inquisitive individual, and features topics ranging from physics to philosophy, literature to the living world. I highly recommend it, especially those on the subject of maths/physics.

Today, I was catching up on my podcasts and came across this gem: Conductivity and Superconductivity. This is a very nice walk-through of the topic from the early discoveries of the property right up to today's cutting edge devices. This is absolutely perfect for students studying the topic, especially how it follows the technology's progression in terms of time.

(Written while listening to IOT Podcast, Conductivity and Superconductivity)

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  1. Hello, just a friendly note: this podcast was about SEMIconductors, not SUPERconductors - quite a different thing! As far as I know there has not ben an In Our Time on superconductors (yet).