Monday, 30 April 2012

Golden Age

This is just a quick one to share my happiness at the current crop of automotive super- and hyper-cars. 

Pagani are on the cusp of unleashing their Huayra, but some are unwilling to forget the Zonda. The 760 RS is the very latest in an even more limited series of run-out Zondas. This one came from a series of requests from Zonda R owners who wanted one for the road. 

Pagani cannot seem to put the Zonda to rest, with demand for more and more limited-run specials - it's not so bad seeing at the cars are delicious! 

Here is a video by my favourite road-tester-for-things-I-cannot-afford, EVO's Harry Metcalfe - a road test for real enthusiasts.

(Written while listening to Mainstream Media podcast by DJ Brian Greene)

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