Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Bit About Me

Hi there!

I am an Irishman who moved to Sheffield to a job in a sector I had never even thought of being in, but took the plunge anyway. I also moved away from my home house to live under my own steam for the first time, and moved in with my girlfriend in that same move.

I qualified in Physics from Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland in 2011, and have been working ever since despite the recession (I was lucky).

I have a wide variety of interests which I will write about here, most notably: music, cars and anything mechanical, Physics, technology, observing everyday life and the ordinary, cultures and customs, and the behaviour of people. I will also write about what it's like being an Irishman abroad (given Irelands reputation in the world economy), and - seeing as my new job means a lot of travelling - working in different countries with people of different backgrounds and work practices to which I am familiar.

I hope you enjoy reading my musings as much as I like writing them.

All the best,

(Written while listening to April Grooves Day by Dr. Herringbone Dread:

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